SUPPORT ESSENTIAL Le Soin (Dr Mehran) 30ml

SUPPORT ESSENTIAL Le Soin (Dr Mehran) 30ml
SUPPORT ESSENTIAL Le Soin (Dr Mehran) 30ml
Brand: Le Soin - Dr Mehran
Product Code: SCP 1420
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ESSENTIAL SUPPORT® contains peroxidases charged liposomes
(to fight the action of free radicals), hyaluronic acid (an excellent
agent of development) as well as a group of substances produced
by all living cells following an injury, known as TRF (Tissue
Respiratory Factor). These substances, also called BIODYNES, have
a stimulating effect on the production of new collagen and elastin
molecules and act as healing agents.
ESSENTIAL SUPPORT® oxygenates the epidermis. It helps the
skin fight free radicals and favours cutaneous regeneration.
ESSENTIAL SUPPORT® is recommended for flaccid, tired, aging,
devitalized and damaged skin conditions. For women and men of
any age.
An application of ESSENTIAL SUPPORT®, once or twice a day, on
a cleansed skin of face and neck, prior to the moisturizer, will help
the skin keep or recover its glow and natural youth.

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