Buying Online

1. Find Your Product

Using the Product Search

The quickest way to navigate to your product is to use the search facility located in the top left hand corner of our site. Simply type in the product name, category or product number and find the product you are looking for in the search results.

Shopping by Category

Alternatively, a category listing of the top 5 categories is always available on the left hand side of your screen. You will also be able to find your way to the Category List page by clicking on the 'Shop by Category' link at the top of every page.

2. Select Your Product

To view more product detail, simply click on the 'MORE INFO' button underneath the product image, or by clicking on the product name.

3. Choose your Potency, Form or Flavor

Select your desired potency form or flavor from the list provided by clicking on the box on the right hand side of the product variations table. Your selection will be confirmed by the appearance of a tick within the box you clicked on.

Once you are happy with your selection, click the 'ADD TO BASKET' button located directly below the product variations table.

4. The Shopping Basket

Here you will see that the product your have just added, along with any other products that you have previously selected to buy along with the total cost of your order.

Amending your Quantities

If you wish to amend the quantity of a product you have selected. Simply alter the value in the textbox provided to your desired quantity and click on the 'UPDATE' button directly below your items.

Continuing to the Checkout

If you are happy with the items in your basket, simply click on the 'CHECKOUT' button to be taken to the account page.

5. My Account Page

If you are happy with the items in your basket, simply click on the 'CHECKOUT' button to be taken to the account page.

Log In

If you are a previous customer of ours and have registered with us, simply enter your email address and password in the boxes provided and click 'SIGN IN', this will take you straight to the checkout page to complete your order.


If you are not a previous customer, but would like to sign up to allow your shopping process to be easier in future, click on the 'Register' option. You will then be prompted to enter your email address, a password and your address for future use. Once completed, you will then continue on to the check out page.

Continue Registered

If you don't want to register with us, then feel free to complete the process unregistered. Again you will be prompted to enter you address details and will still have the ability to sign up to our great e-mail offers.

6. Checkout Page

Almost there, all you need to do now is:

  • Review your Order
  • Enter a Coupon Code if you have one
  • Enter your payment details
  • Click on 'Confirm Order'

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